Teen Reach Adventure Camp


T.R.A.C. stands for Teen Reach Adventure Camp.  It is a 3-day camp for youth ages 12 through 15 where they can experience new things including animal encounters, archery, caving, challenge course, craft building and more.   The 100% volunteer staff are trained specifically for providing a safe, fun and caring environment for the youth that we serve. 

The volunteers go through an extensive application and interview process and are background checked at a national level in order to be allowed to serve at camp.  That is for all staff that interact directly with the youth.  And camp counselors have no more than two campers each so that campers get a lot of quality time with their counselor.  

Our camp will include many fun activities including some or all of the following:

  • Horseback Riding
  • Caving
  • ​Archery
  • River Adventures
  • Challenge Course
  • Animal Encounters (pygmy goats, etc.)
  • Activity Center/Crafts
  • Nature Hikes​
  • Night Games

See our FAQ for Caseworkers for additional information.

WHAT IS T.R.A.C.life

T.R.A.C.life is a year-long mentoring program specifically for T.R.A.C. campers.  Because campers and staff get to know each other at camp, the success rate for mentoring matches is much higher than anonymous-match programs.  The 3-days spent at camp together is the equivalent of nearly a year of standard mentoring visits.  And the trust built on the challenge course and through the rest of the time at camp gives the relationship a huge jump start. 

Mentoring is a time-proven process that can help young people of all circumstances achieve their full "potential".  Mentors are caring individuals who, along with legal guardians, provide young people with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and a constructive, positive example. 

Staff must undergo additional background checks and training in order to be a mentor and report directly to a T.R.A.C.life program director who monitors the relationship.

Each T.R.A.C.life​ mentor commits to at least one year of twice-a- month visits with the youth with whom they have connected.  

Mentoring relationships are based on availability of mentors as well as eligibility of campers.  Only staff and campers who have attended camp may participate. 

Camas, WA  ~  serving Clark County