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We held two overnight camps in 2021 and kept all of our campers safe from COVID!  Everyone had a really great time and we plan to do the same in 2022!

Every year, camps around the country have stories just like these.  The program is effective at changing lives for the better.  And that means that these youth have a brighter future ahead of them as a result.



In addition to camp, there is a mentoring program that makes it possible for youth that have attended camp to enter into a supervised mentor relationship with the staff they met at camp. 

Not every camper can be guaranteed a mentor.  It depends on the availability of staff and specific camper situations and eligibility.  

Camp Dates for 2022

what is T.R.A.C.

Teen Reach Adventure Camp or T.R.A.C. is a positive, faith-based summer camp  that offers hope and encouragement to teens who are in or have been in foster care and are between the ages of 12 and 15. 

The camp is designed to ensure the success of every camper who attends camp.  It specifically takes into account the potential abuse, neglect or abandonment that campers may have experienced.  With separate camps for boys and girls, each three-day camp provides a unique ratio of one counselor to every two campers plus a lot of other staff to promote a safe and fun experience for the campers.

Through quality time with each camper and individual encouragement, each teen leaves camp with a positive outlook on life.  Campers explore the wilderness, get wet, have animal encounters, make crafts, and participate in a low-level challenge course that helps them grow in trust, teamwork and self-respect - all while having a lot of fun.

In addition, there are lots of staff there modeling healthy relationships so campers learn what that looks and feels like.  And along the way, the campers have the opportunity to learn some life skills too.


Cost to Attend Camp

The best things in life really are free and so is this camp.  The staff works diligently to raise funds so that this camp is provided to the foster families at no cost.  This not only provides a great camp experience for the camper, but also free respite care for the foster family.

Girls:  July 29 - 31      Boys:  August 5 - 7

Teen Reach Adventure Camp