Teen Reach Adventure Camp

Camas, WA  ~  serving Clark County

Every year, camps around the country have stories just like these.  The program is effective at changing lives for the better.  And that means that these youth have a brighter future ahead of them as a result.

  Directors TrainingJuly 24-29, 2018
  Challenge Course Training​June, 2019 TBD
  Boys CampAugust 2-4, 2019
  Girls CampAugust 9-11, 2019



Watch this video of campers who have attended a T.R.A.C. and what THEY say is the difference.

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T.R.A.C. Camas

​Every summer, teens in the foster care system attend Teen Reach Adventure Camps throughout the United States and even in South Africa.  These young people (ages 12 through 15) have been dealt a really tough hand in life.  Teen Reach camps provide a safe and fun camping experience that is designed specifically for them.  T.R.A.C. has demonstrated again and again the ability to make a difference in the way these young people see themselves and others...and that changes lives.

Teen Reach is a national organization that has been serving youth in the foster care system since 2002.  Currently there are 35 camp locations in 19 states in the United States and that number continues to grow each year.  Our camp, titled T.R.A.C. Camas, WA, will be added to that list very soon.

All camps are completely organized and operated by volunteer staff.  Each camp raises its own funds in order to host and operate their camp.  Camps are held as two separate 3-day camps each year - one for boys and one for girls.  The cost of putting on these camps typically runs between $15,000 to $30,000 per year depending the on the location and the facility used.  The starting budget for T.R.A.C. Camas is estimated to be about $32,000 for the first year and then about $18,000 per year after that.  The first year includes significant initial acquisition costs for durable supplies, the training key staff and general setup costs. 

Through fundraising, camp is provided to the foster families at no cost.  This not only provides a great camp experience for the foster youth, but also free respite care for the foster family.

A fundamental component of T.R.A.C. is a challenge course.  The challenge course uses trust elements and initiatives where campers work together to overcome challenges and learn trust, teamwork and self-esteem.  Every camp must include a challenge course which is overseen by national directors who monitor and conduct on-going training of the facilitators.  This is a great tool to help youth learn to process life situations and build trust.  It has been proven to be very effective with the youth that we serve.

At T.R.A.C. we promote a safe and fun experience in the outdoors, encouraging teamwork, trust, self-worth and confidence in our campers.

In addition, T.R.A.C.life is a mentorship program that makes it possible for youth who have attended camp to enter into a supervised mentorship relationship with the staff they met at camp.  This program serves the youth to adulthood - beyond the years when they are able to attend a camp.  Statistics show that youth that have a caring, responsible adult mentor are far more likely to become successful adults.  T.R.A.C.life Camas already exists serving another camp and is in place ready to start immediately serving T.R.A.C. Camas.


The team of individuals starting this camp have many years of experience volunteering at other camps in nearby Oregon.  The camp director for T.R.A.C. Camas has served at Teen Reach camps since 2003.  She has held many roles at camp including counselor, challenge course facilitator and dean of women.  In addition, she is currently the director of the mentorship program for a camp in Oregon. 

Others on the team have served as counselors, challenge course facilitators, archery range masters and activity center staff.  Most have served at least four to six years in these roles. 

With this level of experience starting out and with a great national program to support us, we know that the launch of this camp will be a success.

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